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Away, away, and Up

Photograph - Hope Fitzgerald

Alex Hartley’s Vigil – Folkestone Triennial 2014

Dear ____________

I hope this finds you well.

I’m sorry I haven’t written before this – the funny flat patch after my long walk across Swale and Medway lingered a bit, and combined with work to suck the sap out of any words I might share here.

I had begun to doubt my commitment to walking. I had lost the motivation, and could feel my good habit slipping away. The disappointment in the days in which I couldn’t bring myself to get out early (or at all) was profound. I was grumpy and mean to myself and mean to everyone else – as long as I was sure they would still love me after I was mean.

In a moment that had Mr F looking around frantically for a recording device, I told him my theory about my spell of missing days walking. I was like an athlete, I told him. (Hence the recording device – sports analogies are not my thing…) Anyway, I told him, waving away his surprise, I wasn’t suddenly lazy or rubbish at walking or photography. I was just off-form on the odd day. Walking for the whole of a life is bound to have the odd dry spell, I told him. It’s a long haul thing, I explained, excited about my own revelation. He sighed inwardly, no doubt. He had the good grace, as ever, to not remind me that he’d said something very like this on many an occasion. I was probably pretty grumpy when he said it, too. Our long marriage has been peppered very infrequently with “I told you so!”, at least from Mr F, for which I am grateful.

So here I am, writing at long last!

Here I am, about to go on a 30 mile walk to Folkestone from Faversham, to sit high up on a ledge as a volunteer in Alex Hartley‘s work for the Folkestone Triennial called Vigil.

And there I’ll be for the next three days, out walking, looking, taking pictures, and hopefully talking to people. The theme of the 2014 Folkestone Triennial is Lookout. The planned walk crosses many high places and lookouts along the North Downs Way. This is my pilgrimage to art and to Vigil, where I will keep Lookout over the harbour and town of Folkestone for three days and nights. Log notes and Journal entries will be on the Vigil site.

Photographs from the walk can be followed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Further observations will be written up on Walk Folkestone.

Away, away, away and up, up, up!

See you there! Come and wave to me :)

Write when you can!