Anchor’s Aweigh

Hello dear reader,

A quick personal note from Faversham. Mr F and I have been married a long old time, so when he goes away, I do miss him. He’s jetted off to Italy for some restauranting/sightseeing/man time. I am happy for him to do so. I am jealous, too, of course!

I thought about missing my cup of tea with him this morning, and about missing him more generally, and the wave of rudderless unanchored emptiness that overtook me was surprising in its intensity.

Like many people who have joined for a long time, we are used to each other, and to the little boat, our marriage, that keeps us afloat together. I thought about this little boat while missing him, and realised, yet again, and as I do regularly, (but sometimes lose sight of on a busy horizon) how precious it is to me. Sometimes being further away from a thing can bring it into better view, and looking at our boat from afar, I see that we have maintained it well: sometimes making room for passengers, sometimes throwing things overboard that should be jetsam rather than cargo, hanging on in storms, enjoying a sunrise or a sunset, loving and tending this thing that keeps us both afloat.

My anchor’s aweigh! I know he’ll be home soon, but this is a letter to say I’m looking after the boat! :)

Hope *waving from the bow*